Ketuba Gallery

Here are just a few samples of my work. To get a a better look at my artwork, please take the ketuba tour which offers larger images and commentary on each one.

Please Note: Each ketuba I create is a unique work of art.

The pieces in this gallery were made as commissions and belong to the couples they were created for. No prints are available, but if you like a specific them or color scheme, I would be happy to work with you.

To navigate, click on the thumbnail of the ketuba you'd like to see -- or -- click here to start the tour.

aA-Lilies bM-tree_roots cT-plum_street_temple dP-cosmos
Water Lillies Fig Tree Plum Street Temple Cosmos
eY-Letter_Oak fW-quote_symbol_ring gR-old_jerusalem hK-Jerusalem
Letter Border Round Quote Border Old Jerusalem Modern Jerusalem
iQ-night_scene jL-arched_couple kG-Round lB-Rings
Central Park at Night Arched Anniversary Round Calla Lilies Double Rings
mC-trellis nO-round_tinyflowers oX-LawWindow pU-octagonal_persian_carpet
Rose Arbor Stylized Floral Law School Window Persian Carpet
qS-jerusalem_wide rV-two_trees_ketuba tE-Pond
Jerusalem Wide Two Trees Victorian Floral Wildlife Pond
uJ-floral vI-CirFlor wD-Jeruslm xH-Round
Arched Floral Circular Floral Jerusalem at Night Wedding Boquet