Rose Arbor Ketuba

A Ketuba of Your Own

Why decorate the ketuba?
Decorating and beautifying the contract is a mitzvah (good deed). This good deed helps to make a beautiful and happy occasion even more special. After the ceremony, the ketuba can be framed and hung in the home as a work of art. It's a lovely reminder of one of life's milestones.

Who buys a ketuba?
Generally speaking, the couple to be married buy the ketuba, but sometimes parents, friends, or other relatives purchase the ketuba for the couple-- a perfect wedding gift!

Ketubot also make lovely anniversary gifts - a reaffirmation of the vows taken by the couple on the day of their wedding. The design can be personalized by including the names of children and grandchildren, or words to a favorite song.

What will my ketuba say?
Most couples use the text that is specified by their Rabbi. Your Rabbi may designate a Hebrew-only ketuba, although increasingly an English translation is included. Some couples elect to write their own texts. If your Rabbi doesn't have a preferred text, I have a variety that we can work with.

Designing your ketuba
Following tradition, the ketuba is illuminated to personalize it and add to its beauty. Each ketuba is a unique, hand-crafted piece of art.

Your ketuba begins with a meeting (in person, over the internet, the phone or by mail) with the artist. Do you have special interests? Your ideas will be incorporated into the design so that the ketuba will reflect your history, hopes and dreams.

Are your tastes contemporary or traditional? Ketuba styles range from symbolic to geometric to representational. Media include gouache (opaque watercolor), watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil. All ketubot are created on high-quality acid-free rag paper to last a lifetime.

Visit the Ketuba Gallery to take a look at my work, or contact me for more information or to begin work on a ketuba.