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About the Artist

SharonSharon Manello Borstein holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan.

Sharon made her first ketuba as a gift for a friend in 1984, and has been making ketubot ever since. To date, she has made over 100 ketubot for clients across the United States and Canada. Her work has been featured in both the Chicago Jewish News and the JUF News.


Sharon's work has been featured in the prestigious Explorations juried show at the Newberry Library show and in Letter Arts Review magazine's "Annual in Review" issue.


Sharon works in a variety of media including gouache, watercolor, colored pencil and ink.

Types of Work

In addition to ketubot, Sharon creates other calligraphic art, including such as:

Continuing Education

Sharon is constantly taking classes and workshops to learn new techniques and to hone her skills. She is a past Vice-President of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective.

Contact Sharon

You can contact me if you would like more information.